About the Instructor

Beena has been influenced by the Egyptian and Lebanese styles of Arabic dance; both classical and folkloric. She started dancing in Chicago with her mentor Jasmin Jahal in 2003. Beena now resides and teaches in South Carolina. She has studied with Jasmin Jahal as well as other educators i.e. Mahmoud Reda, Karim Nagi, Mohamed Shahin, Tamalyn Dallas and many more. Her dance study also includes Bharathanatyam style of Indian Classical dance under Dr. Anuradha Murali, artistic director of the Mrudani School of Performing Arts in Columbia, SC. She is also the Artistic Director of the NataRani Dance Company focusing on Indian folkloric dances such as Bhangra and Garba.

Beena has trained in Karate under Sugiyama, Shojiro Sensei for over 18 years and Kendo at the Miyoga dojo for 10 years, both in Chicago, IL.

Yoga, Pilates and Qigong round out her practice. She brings these healing art, martial art and dance art disciplines into her classes.